Decorative Aggregates


We have something to suit all tastes and budgets across our comprehensive range of Decorative Chippings. As the most versatile product within the Decorative Aggregates category, Decorative Chippings are perfect for adding colour and style to paths and driveways, beds and borders, rockeries and feature areas or simply for general ground cover.

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Smooth, flat stones that add a contemporary surface covering to feature areas, beds, borders and rockeries. One of the most popular choices for ground cover due to its curb appeal and ability to instantly transform the outdoor space. Slate looks particularly eye-catching when wet, when its natural colouring is on full display.

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Beautiful water-worn stones that create attractive focal areas, whilst serving as well-draining landscape features. Natural River Pebbles with their accents of cream, brown, pink and grey add a new dimension to any garden setting.

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High quality washed Decorative Chippings make a real statement in any outdoor setting. Create stunning feature areas with beautiful blends of champagne, rose pink, icy grey and sparkling white stones, or add colourful accents with our stunning, naturally textured stones.

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High quality washed Decorative Pebbles in a multitude of tones. From sparkling white to frosty pink and dappled grey, our Premium range will add immediate personality, light and freshness to create a contemporary feel outdoors.

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A stunning range of naturally veined, river-worn and multi-tonal stones. Perfect for dressing around Water Features and ponds, within garden centrepieces or adding interest to rockeries. Mix with Pebbles to present a layered garden aesthetic or add to Gabions to make a real statement your outdoor setting.

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A superb selection of hand-graded Rockery that perfectly complements our range of Decorative Aggregates. Ideal for creating traditional rockeries, giving alpine plants natural drainage and space to grow year-round. Add curb appeal to home exteriors and use to prevent parking on non-traffic areas, or simply use as decorative garden feature pieces.

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Our specialist range of high quality grits and sands are perfect for professional gardeners. Each product within the range has been carefully selected to ensure it meets horticulturalist standards and improves a variety of cultivation results.

Available in both large and pouch pack formats, gardeners can tackle everything from potting out to dressing greenhouse benches, creating free-draining soils, building rockeries, top dressing and more.

Each product within the collection is designed to support a range of specific horticultural requirements and our packaging is packed with expert guidance. Our pouches are perfect for smaller jobs and topping up.

They look particularly great on shelf in their unique ‘stand up’ packaging, plus we’ve added an easy-tear strip to avoid ripping the pack when your getting your hands dirty.

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Beautiful, premium decorative stones that are perfect for topping plant pots and within ornamental planting. Not only do they help to retain moisture to avoid plants drying out too quickly, they add a great finishing touch to the garden and home. Pot Toppers can be used alone, or colours can mixed together to create homely accents indoors and out. Also ideal for dressing candle plates, lantern bases, around water features and statuary.

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