Water Feature Care & Advice

To make it as straightforward as possible to set up and maintain your water feature, we’ve put together a series of helpful tips and advice to ensure safe, trouble-free assembly and after care.

Once you are up and running, it’s still important that you carry out some simple routine checks, as this will support long lasting performance and help to keep your water feature looking great for years to come. 

When you purchase a Drift & Flow Water Feature, you’ll be supplied with a comprehensive guide containing all of the information below. Still have questions? Don’t hesitate to call our friendly, experienced Customer Service team on: 01302 354500.

Before Assembly:

Product Assembly:

When unboxing your Water Feature, you should find an information booklet containing safety information, instructions for assembly and after care. It’s important you keep these documents for future reference, however should you misplace them/find they are missing, please contact please contact the Altico Customer Service team for a pdf copy.

In the case of damaged goods:

If you have purchased your Water Feature in a retail store, and find upon opening your product that this is damaged in any way, please revisit the store or contact the retailer in the first instance. 

If you cannot get back to the store or have problems contacting the retailer, please contact the Altico Customer Service team.

If you have purchased your Water Feature online, the same applies. Returns should be made in line with their individual online retail policy. 

When there’s a fault:

Irrespective of where the product was purchased from, if over the period of warranty (12 months from the point of purchase) you encounter problems and believe these are covered within the warranty terms and conditions, please contact Altico Garden Products Ltd. 

Please ensure that you have registered your product as advised and have proof of purchase details to hand. 

Trouble Shooting:

If you find your Water Feature isn’t running or operating in the way you would expect, please read our Trouble Shooting guide below first and check against the common factors listed before contacting our the Altico Customer Services team:

Lights & Transformers


Loss of water

Main Body

Care Guidance:

Winter Care: